TreeTop Nature Trail – Alabama State Parks

Treetop nature trail which is also called as the hiking trail is one of the beautiful attraction in the Alabama state. Go with your family to the treetop adventure Birmingham. Treetop nature trail is located in the oak mountain park in the south of Birmingham. Wildlife and Natural habitat are the things that you are going to discover in the treetop nature trail.

TreeTop Nature Trail – Alabama State Parks - Treetop nature trail

TreeTop Nature Trail – Alabama State Parks – Treetop nature trail

Here are few tips related to treetop nature trail in Oak mountain park:-

Thousand of mammals , reptiles and birds are brought here from Alabama Wildlife center.
Most of these mammals are physically impaired when are brought to the oak mountain park.
The Center rehabilitates the animals so that they can sent back to their original life i.e. to the wildlife center.
The trails starts with the Edge trail which is around 300 m in distance. After Edge trails, it meets with the treetop nature trail.
During the trail, you can see many protected animals which are rescued or treated of their physical impairment. There are birds, reptiles and mammals which you can see and click snaps.
Benches are made on the trails so that if you get tired, you can take rest on that.
There is a facility for old people in form of wheelchairs. You can access the treetop nature trails via wheelchair.
Owl, Vultures, hawks are some of the birds that you will notice at the oak mountain park. Secondly, it’s one of the best places for clicking photographs. Wildlife photographs certainly add a value to your photography skills.

If you visited this place in the Alabama state, do share your experience below.

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